s1  Just a short drive from Yosemite, are the grand Sequoia trees. General Grant tree over 1800 years old!


s2  The General Grant,(picture) tree is over 1800 years old and is the park’s oldest.  The General Sherman tree, further in the park, is the tallest at nearly 275 feet.


s3  This fallen Sequoia tree trunk was used at different times as a shelter for people working on the park. 





s8  Imagine, a tiny seed……..


s14  from this pinecone………


s10  grows into a tree like this.  Sequoia’s grow straight up for 500 years, then start adding to the circumference of their trunk. 




s12  It would take 20 people holding hands to make it around the trunk of the General Grant tree.


Another interesting thing about the Sequoia trees: the  seeds will only grow after a fire. 

We loved this park, and unfortunately didn’t spend enough time in it.  To walk among these trees, to experience the quiet, the beauty, the grace of these magnificent trees: to know all the history, the choas, the despair, the wars, the hate, the love, that has happened in the world, and know these trees keep on growing, reaching for the sky, never changing their purpose, is humbling at best.  From such a tiny seed, born in adverse conditions, grows a tremendous heart.  A very big lesson for us all.