Hopefully we have made our last provisioning trip to St Thomas.  We loaded up at Kmart and Home Depot.  Our boat doesn’t have air-conditioning, and so far, that’s not been a big problem.  It was awful at Rum Cay at sunset when we had to shut up the boat to keep out the mosquitoes and no see’ums.  But we will be travelling a lot further south, and most people say you will need an air conditioner if you spend anytime in the marinas in Trinidad.  We found one at Kmart for $160.00.  It was very heavy and we couldn’t imagine how we would get it on the local bus service, let alone on the boat.  We decided to wait.  Then we went to Home Depot and found one a little bit lighter and $60.00 cheaper.  Now we were in a quandary.  We didn’t want to regret not buying one 3 months down the road, but how were we going to store this, let alone get it back to the boat.  Dan made the executive decision to go ahead, and we bought it.  Luckily, as we left Home Depot, a taxi pulled in, so we really didn’t have to carry it that far.  Now it’s on the boat, in the middle of everything until we can find a place to store it.  We aren’t under any illusions about how cool this will make the boat, it will only cool the salon, but it will be something.  We have few options on where to put it, so stay tuned for that.