We had two big snorkeling surprises here at Maho

Bay.   Just a few yards off the beach, in about ten feet of water, we came across this beautiful turtle swimming.  I think it was a loggerhead.  They are so graceful in the water. I was surprised how close he let me come. He was swimming less than two feet away, and was not worried about me at all.   I think he really liked having his picture taken!


Dan got these great shots of the octopus in the same area.  The octopus was a bit more reserved, and you really had to look for him, as he blended in well with the rocks along the beach.  It is the Common Octopus, the only one that can be found moving around in the daytime.  We expected to see dolphins, and sharks on this trip, but we consider ourselves amazingly lucky to have seen a seahorse (Bahamas), a turtle and an octopus!