The guys needed to go back to Budget Marine, and the women kept on going into Phillipsburg to the electronic stores.  Kathy and Liz needed phones and cameras, and found some pretty good deals down by the cruise docks.  We ate dinner at the Blue Bitch Bar, the food was good, not as good as the Creole food in Marigot.  When we got back late to the dinghy dock we had a nasty surprise.  Someone had stolen our gas tank from our dinghy.  Luckily, we got a tow from Liz and Craig.  They had tried to take their gas tank too but it was locked down and they only succeeded in disconnecting the fuel line.  That didn’t make us feel good, and I guess now we will really need to be on our toes for security.  Tomorrow it will be back to Budget Marine for a new gas tank.