The last week has brought a lot of rain, wind, and what we all dread, lightening.  This has probably been the worse we have seen our whole trip.  Staying on the boat can make you stir crazy, so we did manage a short happy hour beach trip with Minx, Jacumba, Fine Line and the girls on Tigre.  Hog Island has a small but nice beach on the far side.  It will soon be gone as the Four Seasons is building a resort on what used to be the Grenadian Dove Sanctuary.  The dove is endangered, but apparently Four Seasons doesn’t care about that.  Right now, they have just finished the bridge to Hog Island, so I imagine by this time next year, the island will be off limits.  So we enjoyed it while we could.


   Ashlee, Minx’s dog, enjoys the raft and the beach!