It is the start of the Abaco Regatta.  The official kickoff party is the Stranded Naked Cheeseburger in Paradise party on Fiddle Cay.  During the rest of the year, this very small Cay is deserted.  But on July 3, people come from all over to enjoy free cheeseburgers and hot dogs, free fries, free margaritas and free rum drinks.  As much as you can stand!  Jimmy Buffet music blares from the speakers.  Our kids sailed the small sailboat in the harbor.  It was great fun!  Bobb Henderson is the host.  He has been throwing this party for several years for no particular reason except that he is a big Jimmy Buffet fan.  Kathy and Fred from Makai were there as were Steve and Anne with their daughter Dana on Fine Line, Clint and Diane and their boys Noah and Cody on Sanddollar.  I had organized a cocktail hour on the beach at Coco Bay the night before, and Karon and Alan got to meet everyone we had been talking about.










The party lasted from 11:00 until about 7:00.  We had some rain at the beginning, but by the afternoon, the clouds lifted and the weather was beautiful, if not hot.  By the end they ran out of mixers for the tequila and rum and started giving bottles of alcohol away!!  Fred went up to get a drink and instead came back with 2 bottles of rum.  Later as I was walking back to the dinghy I found a full bottle of rum near our boat.  Apparently Fred had put one in his pocket and lost it.   Kathy gave the kids, Karon and I a ride back to our boat in her dinghy.  That night back on Alegria, MOST of us enjoyed the spaghetti supper I made.