Even though it is still blowing 25 knots plus, we needed to get out of the harbor. Fred and Cathy graciously offered to take us all on Makai down to Tilloo Banks. Tilloo Banks are famous for their sand dollars. They are everywhere. Cathy had brought back several from their last trip there and I really wanted Tristan and Tessa to find some. We motored into the wind on the way there. It took us about an hour and a half before we pulled up to the nearly deserted banks. The water was very rough, with waves kicked up by 30 knot winds. Tristan and I set out for a short snorkel but it was clear the water was too rough for Tessa. It was taking all her strength just to stay in place.

Cathy, who is a strong swimmer, swam over to the shallow and brought back some beautiful sand dollars, some as small as a quarter. She presented these to Tessa who was very happy to get them. We ate lunch on the boat, watching the waves behind us. Tessa took a much needed rest.