Saturday when Dan, Alan and the kids went to the grocery store on Great Guana they thought they saw Kenny Stabler the retired quarterback for the Oakland Raiders.  They didn’t say anything to him, but were kicking themselves later.  On Monday morning we went back to the grocery store before we left for Treasure Cay and the same guy was there.  I went up to him and asked him if he was Kenny Stabler and he said yes.  I am a big football fan and used to watch him play when I was growing up.  He was very nice and shook my hand.  Of course we did not have a camera.  He said he has a house here and we told him we were living on our sailboat.  As we were getting our goceries he was talking to our kids, asking if they had been fishing and if they were having a good time.  We left the grocery store and headed to our dinghy.  His boat was anchored right next to our dinghy.  He asked if that was our boat on the mooring ball and I said yes it is the catamaran.  He said “Alegria?”  And I was so impressed he knew our boat name as you couldn’t read it from where we were so he had to notice it as he came into the harbor.  I was doubly impressed that he pronounced it correctly as we get “ALGERIA”  “ALLEGRA”  and once “ALABABA”   He was with his wife and teenage daughters and we had a quick but friendly conversation with him as we got into the dinghy.  Very nice guy!

We headed to Fowl Cay Reef to get some good snorkeling in before Karon and Alan had to leave the next day.  Fowl Cay Reef is such a great place to snorkel.  This was our second trip there and we love it.  The kids napped on the way there.