Dolphins on the way to St Vincent





The boat boys met us way at the entrance of the bay.  Fine Line was in before us, and Toucan was already there and told us what to expect.  Actually, these boat boys were alright.  You had to use them to attach to a mooring ball as they hid the pennant in such a way that only they could get it. After we had moored, the other boat boys made their rounds, 4 different ones came to the boat, but they were respectful. 

Wallilabou still has some set here from the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3.   


The next morning we did an early hike to the waterfall, of course accompanied (stalked one might say) by the locals boys looking to get a tip.  The waterfall was small but nice, and we took a quick swim.  St Vincent, like St Lucia is extremely poor, the main income being tourist and agriculture.  Since this was a volcanic island, growing crops is fairly easy, but the produce was not as cheap as Dominica, in fact they still get produce from there.

As we walked back to the boat, a man stopped us trying to get us to buy some eggs.  He became very upset when we said we didn’t need any.  He then demanded that we give him something, meaning money.  Again we said no and he walked off muttering angrily.  “Give me something” seems to be the mantra of St Lucia and St Vincent, and it’s really a shame.  I know it hurts tourism, and these two countries are too poor to have the tourist industry sufer.