cc2.JPG  Looks like we may have a long awaited, although small, weather window for tomorrow!  Tristan’s birthday is coming up and he is dying to get some where he can buy something with the leftover gift cards from last birthday.  We are currently getting the bottomcleaned and the boat washed and waxed for a very cheap fee. The guy, Gustavo is doing an excellent job.  This marina is nice, but the customer service is nothing like Ocean World.  We were so spoiled there.  They really took good care of us.   We miss all our friends there, Roberto, Ramon, Pablo, Saira, Modesto, and Wilfredo, and of course all our friends at the marina restaurant, and Sara and Brooks.  We hope they are doing well!  

Gustavo did such an amazing job on our boat!  He cleaned the bottom and washed, waxed and polished everything!  The stainless steel is beautiful!!  He only charged us $50.00 to clean the bottom and the rest was $80.00.  So well worth it!!!

If you come to Cap Cana please get in touch with him.  He is a very hard worker.

Funny story!  When we came into Cap Cana last week, our portable generator was leaking fuel.  When Dan tried to start it up, it wouldn’t run.  He tried worked on it several times and it didn’t work.  So today, he decided to give it to Gustavo.  It was going to be a tough translation as Gustavo doesn’t speak english.  So I typed into our online Spanish translator, “you can have the generator, but  you will need to fix it.”

While I read the translation, Dan dutifully repeated it to Gustavo and tried to start it to show that it didn’t work.  Well of course, first pull, generator starts right up.  Now Dan is so embarrassed, and the kids and I are laughing our heads off.  How do you translate RENIG to spanish?  Gustavo was fine with it.  I am sure he just thinks we are crazy!  I did wish him Feliz Navidad y Anos prosperos Nuevo.  He gave us a big Dominican smile!