St Thomas USVI

We finally made it to

St Thomas!!!   It was a nasty little 20 mile motor, and even though we waited for a good weather window, the waves were still big and confused.  Oh well.  These islands now are so close; our longest passages for the next month or two will probably be about 10 miles.  We anchored outside in a harbor close to Crown Bay Marina.  Tomorrow, we are planning to go to

Honeymoon Beach, about a mile from here.




Culebra Puerto Rico

More rain, but we were able to go into town and get groceries.  The good news is we can now load pictures on the computer. (Somehow it fixed itself: Magic Boat!).  In town we met a woman who was sailing back to the States.  She had sailed from Grenada by herself.  Her husband died 3 years ago, and since then she has been sailing alone.  Her son was worried about her and wanted her to be closer to him.  She was probably in her late fifties, early sixties.  I really admired her.  She spent a few years on her own in Grenada and loved it, now she is headed to the US.  That’s a long way to sail by yourself, especially after losing your spouse while you are on your cruise.  She was really an inspiration to us.  We wish her the best.

Flamenco Beach flamenco-beach-6.JPG flamenco-beach-12.JPG     flamenco-beach-11.JPG   flamenco-beach.JPG   flamenco-beach-culebra.JPG

Vieques Puerto Rico    vieques.JPG       sunset-green-beach-vieques.JPG    tessa-on-green-beach.JPG

As I am writing this, there is a beautiful, full moon, casting a white light onto the glistening waves at its feet.  A perfect night to be on a sailboat. 

Culebra Puerto Rico

Lots of weather today.  The rain is coming down hard, and the thunder is so loud that I yell out a warning when I see the lightening.  It is striking very close and it has Dan very worried.  There is nothing we can do, so we have to hope for the best.  The worse of the lightening storm is over quickly, but the rain is lasting all day. The Coast Guard has been busy today!!   It looks like we will be stuck here until Friday. 

Remember I said that I spilled wine on the computer?  Well, now I can’t load our memory card with our pictures, so it may be awhile until we can update with photos.  The computer is going downhill fast.  The W key works sporadically as well as the R key and the space bar.  That makes typing a challenge!!!  We may have to replace it in

St Thomas!!!!

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