Rodney Bay, St Lucia

Very  nice, easy sail from Martinique to Rodney Bay.  Rodney Bay is a nice beach, covered with hotels and all inclusives.  There is a nice marina that is currently under construction.  Here you will find restaurants, shops and houses lining the harbor.  We took the dinghy in and found a pizza place called, Pizza Pizza.  This was the kid hangout.  In addition to pizza, ice cream and cotton candy, they had a play yard with trampolines, slides, merry go rounds.  Tristan and Tessa were in heaven!! 

Fort-Au-France Martinique

Happy Fourth of July!!!!  We left Roseau, and with a choppy waves we headed to Fort-Au-France.  Once we were in the lee of Martinique everything settled down and it was quite comfortable.  Martinique was only a stopover for us, as we hadn’t heard good things about the island.  Once anchored at Anse Mitan, near  the ferry entrance,  the customs officers from Martinique came to our boat.  They were very nice, and in no time had us checked in.  They asked when we were leaving and we told them the next day.  They said no, that was too short, we needed to stay longer.  They were very nice, probably the nicest custom guys we have had in a long time.

Summing up Dominica

3 Tourguides

4 Tours

2 Rivers

6 Waterfalls

2 Volcanoes

2 Fruit and Vegetable Markets

Boat boys

New Friends

Friendly Island

In closing, we really liked Dominica.  We were overwhelmed by all the fruit and vegetables growing on the island.  The hiking is incredible, the people very nice.  The boat boys are there but they aren’t a problem, in fact we enjoyed them.  The tour guides were all very knowledgable.  It’s a great island, one we will definitely go back to!!

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