Kids at beach   Our friends came today!!  All the way from Charlotte bringing gifts and a cooler.  Only truly good friends would pack for a family of four, include in their own luggage school books for your kids, and also bring down a cooler.  Ok, it’s not truly a “cooler”.  It runs on DC power, and acts as a mini freezer.  Why do we need this?  Well, ever since we saw the one on Independence we knew we had to have it.  Independence uses theirs for beer and travelling with them through the out islands of Venezuela, we saw how great it was.  Also, our on again, off again refrigerator, which had been working well since Curacao, stopped working.  It was too much to have everything in the freezer, including drinks.  We agonized over the decision of asking them to bring us a cooler, but in the end, with 8 thirsty people staying on board, there was no way around it.  Of course they said yes, but we still felt bad.  The cooler travelled well, less than 25 pounds, and fits perfectly in our cockpit.  The temperature inside gets to 29 degrees!   Awesome!  Now I have something on Dan.  Whenever he feels reluctant to do something for someone else I simply say “Cooler” and shame him.  Life is good!