Dan, with some help from me, changed the membranes in our water maker. That was a very involved process. I was disappointed that the membranes in our Village Tech water maker went out so soon. We had tried to be very careful where we made water. In Charlotte Amalie the water started tasting “heavy”. My parents mailed us the water tester and it showed around 600. Municipal water can go up to 1000, so we were still safe but it didn’t taste as good as it used to. A call to Village Tech and they said it was the membranes. Very expensive membranes. $500.00!! It was going to cost another close to $200.00 to have them shipped to us, but thankfully Karon and Alan were able to bring them down. The installation was a chore!! The manual said one hour per membrane (we have 2 membranes). A two hour job took us about 5. After it was all back together, Dan ran the water maker and tested the water. 800!! It was worse than before. I felt so sorry for him when I saw the look on his face. I told him it probably just needed to run for awhile. Sure enough, after about 30 minutes it was down around 300. Yes!!! I am so thankful we have that tester, and I am so proud of Dan (us) for getting those membranes changed! We aren’t as bad at these boat jobs as I feared!