We are still here in the VERY windy boatyard working on a few projects.  Things got a bit ugly the other day regarding the bathrooms.  The bathroom has 3 fairly nice/clean showers and 3 fairly nice bathrooms.  When we first got back here from our trip to the States, one of the toilets was not working, leaving only two.  Not quite enough for everyone, but doable.  A few days after our return, only one was working.  What had happened to the other two was the flushing part was broken.  Ok.  We are down to one.  Not so good.  This goes on for a week at least.  Now you know what happens.  Tristan goes to use the toilet and it doesn’t flush.  He said it didn’t work when he got in there.  Now there’s no bathroom, and of course I need to use it.  The shuttle bus is about to come to take us to the supermarket and the grocery store doesn’t have a bathroom and I’m fed up.  I head into the office and in less than polite terms tell them the last remaining toilet does not work and they need to do something. Though I am speaking (rather firmly) to the women at the front desk, I know Geis the manager is listening.   The ladies converse among themselves (in the local dialect which I can’t for the life of me understand) then tell me that one is still working of which I again inform them that, no, it’s not, and now we have no toilets and they have had plenty of time to fix them and they need to call a plumber NOW!  (Phew!)

About an hour later we return from the supermarket.  I send the kids to check on the situation and guess what?  Two toilets are fixed.  Amazing! Later there is a knock on our boat and it’s Geis, the boatyard manager.  He tells Dan the toilet is fixed, but basically it’s Tristan’s fault because he uses too much toilet paper.          OK          Now.     My dear son, as many of our friends will attest to, does seem to have a knack of  occasionally clogging up a toilet.   But how would Geis know this?  Well.  According to Geis, in his own words, “Your son uses a lot of toilet paper.  I know. I was in the stall next to him.” 

Ok.  Despite the fact that something about this seems morally wrong and really creepy (possibly even illegal)the other two stalls have been broke for over a week.  When was he spying on my son in the bathroom?  And Tristan certainly didn’t have anything to do with the other two being broke so why weren’t they fixed?  Anyway, by this time, all three bathrooms were magically fixed and we decided to let it go.

Remember we said we had an issue with Sea Hawk paints about the paint coming off our bottom shortly after it was painted?  We had been after them ever since Grenada (August) to do something about it.  Emails had gone back and forth and nothing was getting done.  Finally,  Dan talked to the CEO of Sea Hawk paints and he agreed to pay for the paint and primer to get it fixed.  Way to go Sea Hawk  paints!  Thanks for stepping up to the plate and honoring your product!  So the next few days, we will be painting the boat.

The week started out rough, but ended on a good note.  Between Dan and I, we can be sure that when it comes to our boat and crew, we have our bottoms covered!!!

grounded1  Parked a little too close to shore


mohito-sign1  Yes. Yes they were.


jesus-12  “And Jesus so loved the world he began an anti-litter campaign”



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