It was time for the kids to dig out their boogie boards and head to the beach, so we took another trip to Cabarete. We drove ourselves this time, and Dan was really enjoying driving in the crazy traffic. I am very glad we have insurance on the car. When we were signing the papers, I had asked about insurance and she said that if we had minor dings in the car, it would be covered.   If we had “Car No More” it would be covered up to an amount she showed on the paper. Dan and I looked at each other. Car no more. Hmm. That wasn’t a term we were  familiar with. It didn’t sound good. Maybe we misunderstood. We asked her to repeat it.

“If you have minor damage,” she said in broken English, “you are covered here. If car no more,” and she does a dramatic slashing of her hands, “then it covered here.”

Yes, we did hear correct. Car no more didn’t sound good, but must happen, often, as they had a policy for it. She noticed us looking at her funny and started in again, “Car no more….”

“Wait,” we both broke in. “We don’t want to think about “car no more”. Car no more sounds very bad. No car  no more.”

When we left with the car, we passed some vendors selling vegetables alongside the road. I am crazy for avocados and there were some excellent looking ones at a stand. I said to Dan, “Stop. I want to go there.”

He hits the brakes. Two motoconchos following closely behind us nearly hit us, and did hit each other. We nearly had “car no more” and we had barely gone a mile!! The motoconchos weren’t happy. Needless to say, we didn’t get the avocados. We thought it best just to keep going.

We did make it safely to Cabarete that day and the kids had a great time playing on the beach. The waves were good as there was a strong wind. The beach was crowded and you really had to watch yourself in the water as there were kite surfers and windsurfers everywhere. But, we all had a really good time, and it was fun to drive through the beautiful Dominican countryside