The boat was finally fixed and we were expecting to have her back in the water the next day, when Dan and I had the discussion.  One of the great parts of the last three and a half years, besides being together, has been the travelling to new places.  That came to a standstill pretty much once we got to Aruba.  We had a wonderful time flying to Peru and Chile from Aruba, but we didn’t like waiting there for a weather window to head to Colombia.  In fact, that has been the hardest part of this trip, the waiting for weather, which up until Aruba was never an issure.  But in keeping with my personal motto of never trading time for money, I didn’t see that waiting for a weather window to head to Colombia was better than just flying there now and doing a land tour.  So with an hour to play with before our final committment on going into water the next day, Dan and I decided we would wait.  The boatyard, while not great for living on the boat, was perfect for storing the boat.  After talking to the kids, deciding where each person’s interest lied, we made plans.  A week or so later we had our tickets purchased to Ecuador, flying back through Colombia.  It was a tough call at first between South America and Central America, but the airfares were much better to South America from Aruba.  Then it was a tough call between Argentina and Ecuador, but eventually the fact that it would be much colder in Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia won out.  So our plan is to keep the boat on the hard until our return first of July, then head east instead of west, hoping to be back in Dominica in time for whale season…………… unless plans change!