We moved from Water

Island, closer to

Charlotte Amalie. We are anchored in the harbor outside of Yacht Haven Grande.  Tristan is in heaven here.  Yacht Haven Grande is home to some of the biggest private yachts in the world.  Right now, Rising Sun, the 450 foot long yacht belonging to Larry Ellison is docked here, and 100 to 200 feet boats are pretty much the norm.  rising-sun.JPG  Right next to Yacht Haven is the cruise ship dock.  Everyday, so far, there has been at least 3 cruise ships docked, sometimes 4.  If that doesn’t keep your interest, every few hours a seaplane lands or takes off in the harbor not far from us.  It can’t get any better for the kids.  One cruise ship is anchored so close to us, we joke we could run a cord to the ship for electricity.  If we were in the Dominican Republic, ten people would have beaten us to it!!


There is a coffee shop that offers intermittent free internet service, so we can occasionally get online.  I must say we really like it here, and we have only been to one beach, and not even the best beach.  We have been trying to find the best place to watch the Superbowl on Sunday.  The only downside to this anchorage is the wind.  At times some really strong wind gusts shoot down the mountain into the harbor, but our anchor is really secure.  Tomorrow night, the weather report is for high wind gusts through the weekend, so we’ll probably stay here through Monday.  That’s fine as we still haven’t explored downtown Charlotte Amalie.  We did some shopping at the Havensite mall. The prices are really good and Dan was able to get a good deal on a new camera lens.  As far as a new computer, it looks like we’ll have to mail order it.  We did set up a mailbox so we now have a mailing address here, and today we are going to try to open a bank account.  There should be a story there!   cs2.JPG  cruise-sh-ip.JPG  charlamal.JPG