Another day, another tour.  This time we were doing the north coast.  Martin stopped along the way to educate us on all the fruits, vegetables and herbs growing wild in the countryside.  It boggles the mind to see the almonds, cashews, mangoes, avocados, bananas, pineapples, lemongrass just to name a few.  As Martin says, you can be poor on Dominica, but you can’t go hungry.

One of our stops was the Chauiere Pool where we could jump from a 18 foot ledge and plunge into a freshwater pool.  The kids loved that!


Next we ate lunch in the town of Calibishie, right on the water.From there we went to the Red Rocks, almost another moonscape, with the land formed by volcanic runoff.  The island is not that big, but the change is landscape is stunning. After the red rocks it was up to cold water volcano.  You walk down into the bowl of the volcano (a little erie) and then you come upon these small sulphur pools formed by the volcano.  Because the volcano is deep underground, the water is cool.  Where there is no water, the land makes a hissing sound.  Another notable thing about it was there were very few birds here.  The silence was a bit spooky.





Dominican Countryside








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