We celebrated our 20th anniversary today.  What a great place to celebrate it.  We are truly being spoiled here by the staff.  We never have to walk anywhere.  As soon as we step off our boat it seems that someone is there on a golfcart waiting to take us where we need to go.  Need ice?  Just call channel 68 and it will be there in moments.  The kids (and I) love the beautiful pool.  All the staff know us and watch out for the kids.  Everyone here is so friendly.  I contrast that to things I read about Luperon, and I am so glad we are here. 

We got a rental car today.  Patricio (Patrick) one of the head dockmen, hooked us up with a friend who gave us a good deal.  I have heard problems with tires from other people who have rented cars in the DR so he agreed to buy two new tires before we took the car.  While he was getting the tires changed, he had his father take us to the grocery store as we needed a few things.  While talking to his father, he told us he used to live in Indian Trail NC, just outside of Charlotte.  What a small world!  He had lived with his brother, who had worked at an Italian restaurant.  He really liked it, as does everyone (including us!) who has ever been there. 

Our car was ready just as we finished our shopping.  He drove back to the shop, so we could let him off.  Instead of going out onto the main road, he drove on the sidewalk. I asked him if that was legal, and he said it was safer than going out onto the busy road for such a short distance.  Dan said that tells you a lot when it’s safer to drive on the sidewalk than on the road.

To celebrate our anniversary,  we ate dinner with the kids at Chris and Maddy’s restaurant.  It has pretty good food, and is located right outside the marina.  After that, we settled the kids in with a movie, and we went for drinks at the Lighthouse, the bar on top of the Ocean World complex.  It has a great view, and the lounge is beautiful, all done in white with overstuffed couches.  We could look out the window and see keep an eye on our kids as our boat is parked nearly below us.  The kids were happy to be on their own and we have excellent security guards here who know the kids so we felt extremely comfortable.  After drinks, we headed for the casino.  We hadn’t been there very long when Dan won $250 on the nickel slot machines (the limit!).  That was the first time he has ever won the max on a machine.  Very exciting.  Once he claimed his winnings, we decided to quit while we were ahead.  We have a pretty good winning streak going.  At Captain Jacks in Hopetown Abaco, Dan won $150.00 at Bingo and I won $125.  At a poker party in  Rum Cay, Dan won $30.00 and now $250.00 here.  I hope we can keep the streak going!