The Saintes are absolutely irresistible.  The islands are a part of Guadeloupe, and has a strong link to the north of France.  The island was primarily a fishing village and since little agriculture was done here, slaves were never a part of the island.  The island is clean, slow paced and full of color.  You can spend your mornings in one of the bakeries, picking up fresh bread for the day, or munching on pastries as you watch the town unfold.  In the afternoon it’s ‘Ti punch (rum and sugar water) and Accras (an appetizer of breaded fish  excellent!). 

I never want to leave the French Islands.  I love the idea of having fresh bread everyday.  I love the friendliness of the island.  I can imagine myself in a little colorful cabin, spending the rest of my days writing.  Well writing and eating amazing French food, like what we had at the Triangle restaurant, where a salad is a work of art.  I love the fact that they take pride in themselves and where they live.  I love the fact that enjoying life is so important.  I love seeing people stop in the street to talk.  Iles de Saintes are a little slice of heaven.


For a place I loved so much, I took remarkably few pictures.  For the first time, I was more interested in really absorbing the feel of the island for myself, rather than trying to capture it on film for the website.  I think I selfishly wanted to keep a part of the magic for myself.