We are hoping to end our marina jinx.  With our friends, Karon and Alan and their children coming in a few days, we want to get the boat looking nice.  We hired Frances at Conch Inn Marina to wash and wax our boat.  We came into the marina yesterday as Frances wanted to get an early start (I use the term “early” lightly in the Bahamas).  It was very hot sleeping in the marina.  He and his helper did get a fairly early start, about 9am.  The boat washing went fine but as soon as they started waxing the clouds unleashed a torrential downpour.  It didn’t last long, but now they needed to wait until it dried again before they could start again.  So they took an hour break, came back and tried waxing again.  They had only been working about 30 min when it rained hard again.  This went on and off all day.  By 6pm he still had one whole hull to do.  He told us he could come back on Tuesday and finish the job which we agreed.