It has been a sad few days.  My uncle passed away the other day.  We were lucky enough to get to see him at Christmas last year.  It was Tessa’s first time to meet him.  I feel bad for my dad and I am sorry I am not there.  My uncle was always very funny and that is how I will remember him.  I am really glad the kids got to meet him if only briefly. 

I was talking to Tom on Blue Heaven, the sportfishing boat that we had originally met in Rum Cay.  They just found out that a captain friend of theirs had been lost at sea delivering a sportfishing boat.  There had only been the owner and the captain on the boat coming from Texas to Florida, in a storm.  The owner went below, leaving the captain alone.  When he came back up, about 5 hours later, the captain was gone.  Very tragic!