About four o’clock, our friends the Petty’s arrived.  I don’t think our kids could stand it much longer.  Dan and Tristan went to shore at BigMahoBay to pick them up in the dinghy.  On the first trip he brought back the suitcases and the boys, Alec and Collin, then he headed back for Karon and Alan.  As soon as the boys were on the boat, before I even could get a hug, the clothes were coming off, and the suitcases were being attacked.  Luckily Karon had packed their swimsuits in outside pockets, and in less then 5 minutes, all the kids were yelling and jumping off the back of the boat.  What a picture!   This has been the longest time we have gone without seeing them, but you couldn’t tell that from how quick they all fell in together.  

We plan to stay here at Maho today and tomorrow and move to the BVI’s on Saturday, if the weather is good.