Pulled up the anchor and got an early start.  What a beautiful day.  The kind of day that makes you want to think about not stopping at Punta Macao.  How about keep heading to Punta Cana.  Why stop there?  Why not go all the way to Puerto Rico?   We could hear,on the VHF radio, a few other sailboats somewhere around us and they were going straight through.  Maybe we should too?  (Obviously we hadn’t learned our lesson)  A few hours later we run right into a fishing net, wrapping it around the starboard engine.  The engine stops.  Here we go again.    Dan has to suit up and jump overboard in the middle of nowhere.  I make him tie a rope around his waist to keep track of him.  The fishing net is wrapped around the prop and he has to take a knife and go under the boat to cut it loose.  It takes awhile. but eventually he gets it free, luckily without cracking his head on the boat. 

We are underway again but when we hit the storms later on, we take it as a sign we need to stop at Punta Macao for the night.  Later we can still hear the other sailboats on the VHF.  They have a rainy night ahead of them.  I am so glad we stopped.

We are no sooner anchored than the coast guard came out on the pretense of seeing our paperwork.  There are a lot of people on the beach, having a big party.  The translator guy with the coast guard tells us that he wants to make sure we are safe here and that no one boards our boat trying to smuggle to Puerto Rico.

“There are crazy Dominicans here.”  He adds, “I’m Dominican too but I’m not crazy!”

He tells us that we can stay and they will have a boat patrol the harbor.  Of course, it would be nice if we could give them a little something for this.  What a salesman!!!  Of course we don’t believe they will patrol the harbor, nor do I believe a crazy Dominican will become a stowaway on our boat, but we give him a little something anyway.

There is alot of activity on the beach, and he tells us that they have much “laughter”.  At least that is what I thought he said.  I just nodded.  He said it again, ”So if you want you can come to the beach.  We have much laughter.”  Again I nodded.  I really needed much laughter, but I was really just exhausted. 

Later Dan told me he was saying lobster!  I really could have used some lobster!!!