A little after 4 am we weighed anchor for our sail to Isla Tortuga.  It ended up being a motor, not even a motor sail as the wind was so light and we arrived mid afternoon.  A bright spot was our catch of another Mahi Mahi!  The first night we stayed at Playa Caldera, a beautiful beach with fisherman shacks and a small airstrip.  The next morning we across the island, and stumbled upon a restaurant/bar, painted in the most striking color of blue I have seen. Along the beach was another Coast Guard office, though we did not check in.  The water on this side was shallow and bright turquoise.  Tessa, Liam and Tristan spent some time swimming while the rest of us beach combed for treasures.  Of course it was hot, but it was beautiful.  Too soon we headed back to the boats to motor to Cayo Herradura, a small island part of Tortuga, a few miles away.