We made it to Bonaire in time for Tristan’s birthday.  Tristan pointed out that last year we squeaked into Puerto Rico the day of his birthday.  If you look at the map, Puerto Rico is directly north of here.

We arrived late Friday, and early Saturday we were shopping for presents.  Luckily, Bonaire has a great toy store/bookstore with plenty of Legos.  Salt and Light have tons of Legos and our kids love playing with them, so our own Legos have now been revived.  The store even gift wrapped the presents for me!  How nice!  Tristan let me off the hook about making a cake, which if I had more time I would have been glad to do it, but instead we found one at the grocery store.  That night, we had a pizza party with Salt and Light and Therese and Helge from Coquelicot.  Therese sang Happy Birthday to Tristan in Norwegian and gave him a kite.  Salt and Light found some cool Legos he wanted.  After pizza we all went bowling!  It is a small bowling alley, 6 lanes, but it was in great shape.  It had been a year since we had bowled in the Dominican Republic.  Everyone had a great time!

 Therese and Helge