We apologize for the problems with the website. I haven’t been updating like I should because for some reason we can’t get pictures on it. Trying to solve that problem it now seems like I can’t adjust the dates. So I am putting the last several postings together and try to sort this out. Please bear with us!!

We are out of the boatyard. It really was a good experience at the Nanny Cay Boatyard. Alegria looks great with new bottom paint. Eddie Wyke, from Virgin Islands Marine Refinishing did a great job doing some fiberglass touchups we needed done. We would HIGHLY recommend him for any fiberglass work. He did a great job and the price was reasonable. We got a little break from the boat as we stayed in the hotel at Nanny Cay. We had so much work to do ourselves though, we didn’t get much time to enjoy it. The boat looks great though.

April 23

Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa!

It’s Dan’s dad’s birthday!! This is quite the birthday month!! We weren’t able to call so we hope he reads this!!! We love you!!

April 19

Makai is back!

Fred and Kathy, our old friends from the Bahamas are here in the BVI’s! It’s so great to see them again. They made a special effort to get over to Sopher’s Hole to catch up to us. That was nice. Kathy brought some champagne over and the candle holder from Dominican Republic to replace the one that broke. It’s so good to be back with them again. We are headed into the boatyard at Nanny Cay on Monday, and they will be coming in on Tuesday, so hopefully we can spend more time together.

April 17
Happy Birthday Marlene/Grandma!

We won’t say how old she is! We’re sorry we aren’t there to wish you happy birthday. Marlene has always been a big supporter of our trip and we appreciate that.