A hike to the top of a mountain called Mount Scenery with Fred and Kathy?  Sure!!  The top is 3000 feet high, and even though we had the taxi take us as far as he could, we still had 1064 steps left!  It was up, and up and more up.  Oh, and during our Up did I mention it rained?  Nothing like slick stairs!  The foliage along the way was beautiful, and when the rain came we took shelter under the elephant ears. 


The top of this trail was really a nonevent.  Another trail to the side marked Scenic Trail was where you needed to go if you wanted the view.  So, another twenty minutes, in mud, over rocks, through a rock tunnel, hiking on an overgrown path of greenery, surrounded by clouds.  Amazing.   It was like being in a fairy tale.           Everywhere you looked was color.  And the sounds.   The video below captures the sounds of the tree frogs.



Eventually we shimmied up the last rock and found the end.  Our dramatic conclusion?  A cement post.  No view as the clouds were thick, but our own personal exhaustion, satisfaction.  And the post.

Going down was no picnic either as we slipped and slid on the same stone steps.  I fell twice, but luckily I was ok.  At the end of the trail we ate lunch at the Eco lodge.  We were so tired.  Once we left there, we still had more steps, luckily down, to reach the town where Billy our taxi driver awaited.  On the way, we were nearly attacked by a crazy donkey.  As soon as we passed him he rushed out of the bushes, baring his teeth, braying at the top of his lungs, and scattering Dan, Tristan, and Tessa.  Luckily the chain around his neck held.  I have never seen a donkey tied with a chain around his neck but now I know why!!  He was just insane!  We made it back safe and sound and are heading to Stacia tomorrow.

  Keep going Dan and Kathy!